Lori Andre | June 13, 2024

Lori's Favorite Holiday Gifts


It's that time of year again... gift giving season. I put together some of my favorite items in the store right now that are perfect for gifting, no stress necessary. 

Emu Australia Mayberry slippers

Nothing guarantees comfort at home (or outdoors) like these soft shearling slippers from Emu Australia. The stripes add just the right amount of style, and cuteness.


Giampaolo Viozzi Slides

This shoe doesn’t get any chicer (or simpler) than this minimalist velvet slide from one of our Italian vendors, Giampaolo Viozzi.  It comes in four different velvets, and is made in Italy. I especially love the burgundy paired with denim. They also looks great with sparkly socks — which is how I like to wear them.


Linea Azzura Sequin Booties

I love this boot for the richly decorative brocade fabric, threads of gold and silver, delicate sequins, and comfort.  You won’t need any other accessories when you wear these boots.  The brand Linea Azzura is imported from Italy and is one of our exclusives. 


Camo Scarf

Who isn’t into the camo trend this season? I know I am. This camo scarf from Paisley Rose brings a fun twist to your cold-weather wardrobe. The colors pair well with denim and the camo adds that little extra bit of style.


Beaded Lariat

Lariats are so versatile!  Wear them multiple different ways, depending on what mood you are in. I like to wear mine wrapped once around my neck for a simple, elegant look. When I wear it with a simple t-shirt, I like that it has a totally unexpected look.


Collegiate scarf

As the temperatures drop and the holidays roll in, make sure you keep warm with this fun “collegiate” looking scarf.


JSlides Allie

The Allie is lined with faux fur that is so plush and cozy. This adds a generous amount of padding for comfort (love that). The double zipper lets you wear the boots up or down, serious or fun. Perfect city bootie!


Inzi Embellished Crossbody

The Inzi crossbody bag had me at hello! I love the pearl details and the whimsical feel of this bag. Great for day or night, depending on your mood.


Delicate Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces are always my favorite. They add a certain femininity and sophistication to my outfit. I love that I can wear each one on it’s own or wear them all together.


Vagabond Casey

If you have been in the store you probably have seen me wearing my Vagabond Casey. I tell everyone it is my “go to” shoe that I wear with everything....even dresses. But, my favorite way to wear it is with my cropped wide leg jeans. If you need help styling the Casey, just ask one of my co-workers—-they all have them, too!!


  • Lori Conte says...
    On December 24, 2017

    My Vagabond Caseys are my absolute favorite shoe… I want one in every color!!! Happy holidays

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