Lori Andre | June 13, 2024

2018: A Year of Inspiration


Perhaps the most fulfilling endeavor of 2018 has been developing L'idea by Lori, the Lori's Shoes brand. I travel twice yearly to Milan to customize styles exclusively for our customers. Italy serves as the best inspiration with a surprise at every turn. I love channeling that energy into L'idea with designs that are hand-crafted from the best quality materials, and the possibilities are endless.

My love of Italy doesn't stop at fashion. I am a passionate cook, and every destination is an incredible source of inspiration. Each city offers its own style; a chance for new smells, new ingredients, new experiences. Over time, I've collected recipe books that are now scattered throughout my kitchen, ready to bring me back to a far away place at a moment's notice. And what better way to bring the people you love together than with a home cooked meal?

Florence is a city I'll never grow sick of. As a student in 1979, I discovered a wonderful fragrance in a small pharmacy near Piazza della Signoria, a place I still visit today. Vibrant and reminiscent of rosewater and lemon, it's remained a part of my daily routine over the years, bringing the sounds and smells of my favorite city rushing back every time I use it. 

2018 brought many firsts, including the birth of my first grandson. It's been so fun watching him as he grows and hits new milestones. He teaches me something new every day. I wear this necklace personalized with his initials to keep him close to my heart. It's a daily reminder of how important family is and how lucky I am to have their undying support.  

They say that home is where the heart is, and I wholeheartedly agree. For me, it's a respite - a place where I feel safe and comfortable - where I can reflect on my life and the lives of those I love. 

With 2018 coming to a close, I think about all it has brought me. Among those things is 37 years of doing something I am truly passionate about. As time goes on, I continue to be inspired by my friends, family and all of you.




  • Donna Karpik says...
    On January 15, 2019

    A true inspiration to all. I love this blog! You look beautiful! All the best to you and your amazing family. May the New Year be filled with happiness, and more blessings.
    Love you

  • Diane says...
    On December 22, 2018

    Thanks for this! I love the expression of your face holding your grandson and of his. So priceless. Lovely blog.

  • Susan Lorch says...
    On December 22, 2018

    What a great news update. You clearly have a knack for finding new styles . We too are first time grandparents, and fortunately our daughter bought a house in wilmette one mile from us so we get to see Benjamin quite often.
    Best wishes for a wonderful 2019 and continued success

  • Stacy Sims says...
    On December 22, 2018

    Beautiful message. Thank you for sharing and congrats on becoming a grandmother. There is nothing sweeter than seeing you at your next stage in life.

    Life-long customer

  • Syril Beskin says...
    On December 22, 2018

    So happy for you with the birth of your first grandson; may you have many more. It reminds me when I wished you well on your first store as you were stacking shoes on the floor before you opened and you had many more stores.


  • colleen flanagan says...
    On December 22, 2018

    I have been always amazed at your “Endless Journey”……… Here’s to new all the new" quaint roads and trails" you take with your ever evolving Store – Lori’s Shoes.
    Happy Holiday

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