Lori Andre | July 16, 2024

Le Belle Scarpe a Milano (Beautiful Shoes in Milan)

People often ask me, “What’s it like going to Milan to buy shoes?”  My first reaction is always, “it’s hard work and not as glamorous as you may think.” Working large trade shows is an exhausting task.  But I do love going to Milan and, after three decades, I still love what I do. Each and every trip I’m still inspired by the city, the fashion, the food, the culture, and, most importantly, the shoes. For four days my senses are heightened and my energy is high.  It’s always exciting seeking out new vendors and picking out the upcoming new trends.

In this addition of “Stories”, I am highlighting new trends, new materials and new styles that I have selected for you, our Lori’s customers.

When it comes to new materials and textures, it’s obvious that snake and croc prints are going to be a major trend for Fall ’19.  Along with plush suedes, these materials give me a sense of true luxury every time I handle them. It’s wonderful to see them on tall dress boots and pumps but also in fun and unexpected places, like combat boots and sneakers.

When it comes to styles, combat boots and their cousins, hikers, are a major trend for Fall ’19. Some of you may have already picked up on the hiker trend this past Fall in our stores. But, believe me, it’s only getting stronger and more fashionable for Fall ’19.  Besides the wonderful new material interest that I’ve already mentioned, next Fall’s new combats and hikers will ride atop incredible new bottoms.  Designers have really gotten creative with bottom interest and I’ve picked out some of the most fun and fashionable for our stores.

Another trend that’s still going strong is sneakers.  Again, as with combat boots and hikers, the mix of colors, materials and textures is unexpected and inspiring. Designers are also having fun  experimenting with different bottoms here. There’s so much fun fashion to choose from in this category that it’s almost overwhelming. I’ve picked out my favorites for our stores and I hope you have fun with this category.

Many of our boots and booties will incorporate stretch into the designs. Only the Italians can do stretch the way they do. They incorporate it in all the newest materials: snake and croc prints, plush suedes and buttery nappa leathers. I’ve picked out easy stretch side-gore booties, combat booties with stretch tops, leg-hugging tall stretch boots;  It’s like getting a little hug of luxury every time I slip on one of these Italian stretch styles!

We will continue incorporating as many styles as we can into our L’idea by Lori brand. We want to build this brand in our stores so we can bring you the most interesting, on trend, fun, fashionable and exclusive collections to our stores every season. I love working with factories and designers from Italy, as well as Spain and Portugal, to bring these fashions home to you.  Working in Milan to make this happen is truly my passion.




  • Edith Casselle says...
    On March 03, 2019

    Enjoyed the glimpse into the next fall season!

  • Felicia Clotworthy says...
    On March 03, 2019

    I have always been a fan of Lori’s Shoes for more than two decades. Love the blogs! Keep being a fashion inspiration.

  • Wendy Tynan says...
    On February 28, 2019

    Fun story, Lori and love your pix! Nicely done!

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