Sophie Berman | July 16, 2024

Lori's 40th Anniversary


It all began in 1982, as a young girl with a heart full of dreams. I set my sights on a vision that would shape my life’s journey - opening a shoe store in the heart of Chicago. With a genuine love for shoes and an entrepreneurial spirit, I embarked on a path that was as exciting as it was uncertain. Today, after four decades of pouring my heart and “sole” into Lori’s Shoes, I find myself thinking about the incredible individuals who have not only been my customers, but a cherished part of my extended family. With gratitude beyond words, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for being the foundation of Lori’s Shoes’ success.

Reflecting on the remarkable journey, I can’t help but marvel at the transformation that has taken place. What began as a young girl's dream has flourished into a hub of style, connection, and shared stories. The shoes that grace my store are more than just fashion; they’re a testament to the diverse personalities and journeys that converge within these walls. As I glance back on the countless pairs of shoes that have found their way into your lives, I’m filled with a profound sense of joy. Looking ahead, I see a future as bright and promising as the smiles that have adorned our store for the past four decades. The spirit of Lori’s Shoes will continue to evolve, embracing the ever-changing landscape of fashion while remaining rooted in the values that have brought us this far. 

As we gather to celebrate 40 incredible years, I’m humbled by the memories we've created together and the bonds that have formed. With the city lights dancing around us, I raise my glass in gratitude to each step we’ve taken - from the early days of uncertainty to the solid ground beneath us now. Here’s to the loyal customers who have become friends, to the dreams that have come true, and to the future that beckons with promise. With your unwavering support Lori’s Shoes will stride confidently into the years ahead, a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the enduring connections that make life’s journey so beautiful. 


Here’s to the future, and amazing shoes.

Xox, Lori


  • Chaz says...
    On May 16, 2024

    Happy 40th anniversary. You guys are an amazing business, family and couple all the best.

  • Teri Truty says...
    On December 29, 2023

    ❤️brings back so many memories shopping on Saturdays in the late 80’s at Lori’s on Wells!

  • Jane Klein says...
    On December 29, 2023

    Loved tge interview!

  • Annie Geoghegan says...
    On December 29, 2023

    Hi Lori,
    I’ve been shopping at your store from the beginning. Congratulations on your success. Here’s to many more successful years!
    All the best,

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