Lori Andre | May 09, 2024

Ahhh.. Milano

This September arrived so quickly. I’m not sure about you, but for me time travels way too fast. I was looking back at my last blog post from February shoe show and I’m happy to say that all the trends that I wrote about in the blog post are happening right now for Fall 2019. Sneakers are continuing, combat boots are key, textures like snakeskin and croco, and new toe shapes have been strong sellers for us this season at Lori’s. I’m really loving what we have in the store right now. 


The things I wouldn’t do for shoes! This time around for the show my husband, Brian, was kind enough to wheel me around in a wheelchair. The week prior, while I was in Florence, I had a misstep and ended up breaking my foot. Somehow I managed to still find amazing product for Spring 2020. 

The week before I was in Milan for the show I spent an amazing week in Florence with a good friend of mine who has a cooking school, called Cook, Eat, Italian. I spent the week doing what I love most - cooking and eating. I was the sous chef for a week preparing, dining, and enjoying all my efforts. I’ve included a few pictures of what I prepared (and ate). I also included a couple pictures from Florence, the city I love so much. 

People often ask me, “What’s it like going to Milan to buy shoes?” My first reaction is always, “it’s hard work and not as glamorous as you may think.” Working large trade shows is an exhausting task. But I do love going to Milan and, after three decades, I still love what I do. Each and every trip I’m still inspired by the city, the fashion, the food, the culture, and, most importantly, the shoes. For four days my senses are heightened and my energy is high. It’s always exciting seeking out new vendors and picking out the upcoming new trends. 

When it comes to materials and textures, it’s obvious that snake prints are going to continue to be a major trend for Spring 2020. Along with plush suedes, these materials give me a sense of true luxury every time I handle them. Aside from snake print and suedes, woven treatment was very prevalent in the market this time. I think that Bottega Veneta looks amazing right now with fresh ideas in footwear and is definitely having an influence on other vendors. Along with new materials, square toes are having a moment. I’m excited about the square toes for Spring, at least it is something new. I think the timing is right and I’m ready to embrace this trend. 

A new interpretation for sport sandals have taken hold. Let’s face it, we want to be comfortable and fashionable. I love the Janet and Janet new sport construction. They have combined a sporty construction with new and exciting material uppers. Most people know that I love man-tailored shoes, and loafers in particular. We’ve taken our classic loafers that we always buy for the stores and added snakeskin prints to the collection. I love snakeskin prints because the colors are so neutral and easy to pair with just about anything. 

And we can't forget about sneakers! The sneaker trend is not going anywhere. I saw lots of fun, bright colors in sneakers this time around as well as heavy bottom sneakers. I know our customers will be happy to see more sneakers come through. Another trend I saw was interesting heels. Whether it was the shape or a cut-out, I think it added some interest in a new way.

We will continue incorporating as many styles as we can into our L’idea by Lori brand. We want to build this brand in our stores so we can bring you the most interesting, on trend, fun, fashionable and exclusive collections every season. I love working with factories and designers from Italy, as well as Spain and Portugal, to bring these fashions home to you. Working in Milan to make this happen is truly my passion. 



  • Beverly Sawyer says...
    On October 16, 2019

    Love them, tell me more.

  • Chris McGrath says...
    On October 16, 2019

    So sorry to hear about your foot! Gorgeous pics from one of my favorite cities, Firenze!
    Can we put in early orders for the shoes?!! Still loving my Janet and Janets from this season and looking forward to spring! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Meher Owens says...
    On October 16, 2019

    I have been shopping for myself and for my clients with you for over 20 years – stepping into your stores is like a treasure hunt ! So many amazing things and your never know what your will find ! Warmth, charm, beauty- your store reflects you perfectly! Thank you !!
    Meher Owens
    Personal Stylist/ Wardrobe Consultant

  • Jules says...
    On October 15, 2019

    Lori – you look great – and always an inspiration- I have moved in and out of Chicago over the last 25 years, but my loyalty has never changed – I love your store and your new line of shoes L’idea are great – keep the quality coming – and I am looking forward to your Fall and Spring line!

  • Carla says...
    On October 15, 2019

    I heard your cooking is divine and that you handled Florence and Milan like the total trooper you are.
    Love you bunches!!!

  • Linda Randall says...
    On October 15, 2019

    Love your stories, your energy and dedication!

  • Nancy Ury says...
    On October 15, 2019

    The spring shoes are great
    Love them all
    Especially the sneakers
    Can’t wait buy them

  • Phyllis klapman says...
    On October 15, 2019

    Love seeing your trip. Shoes look amazing , as do you. Hope u r bettrt. Love u, phyllis

  • Octavia says...
    On October 15, 2019

    Wow the passion for shoes I could honestly understand. I have always wanted to become a personal shopper for the wealthy clients. I’m so a fan of your success and hope to one day become a entrepreneur selling Italian shoes as well as other shoe designers. I’ll continue to follow your great journey’s!!!! ☺️ Can’t wait for spring collection. Hope your feeling better and up on both feet.

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