Lori Andre | June 13, 2024

Milan 2020

This February arrived so quickly. I’m not sure about you, but for me, time travels way too fast. I was looking back at my last blog post from the September shoe show. All the styles that I wrote about are arriving in the store as we speak! It’s starting to feel like spring at Lori’s, and I couldn’t be happier!

There are a few new fall 2020 trends in the footwear industry that really energized me. Other than sneakers, which continue to dominate, tall shafted boots are making a serious comeback. We have not seen this trend in quite some time and I believe the timing is right.

Luckily, no broken foot this time. I was able to explore the show on my own two feet. Four days of walking and searching for great product and identifying new trends is really exhausting, but always exciting. Even after three plus decades, I appreciate each trip to Milan more and more. These trips allow me to be creative and hand select all of the materials and colors for you, our amazing Lori’s clients.

People often ask me, “What’s it like going to Milan to buy shoes?” My first reaction is always, “it’s hard work and not as glamorous as you may think.” Working large trade shows is an exhausting task. Each and every trip I’m still inspired by the city, the fashion, the food, the culture, and, most importantly, the shoes. It’s always exciting seeking out new vendors and spotting the upcoming trends. This time around, we overlapped with Milan fashion week. We were so inspired by the street style of this great fashion capital.

When it comes to materials and textures, it’s obvious that snake prints and croco prints are going to continue to be a major trend for Fall 2020. Along with plush suedes in true fall colors, these materials give me a sense of true luxury every time I handle them.  With new material interest, there are also new constructions. Square toes in particular continue to be shown in the market, thanks to brands like Bottega Veneta.

At Lori’s this past Fall we had great success with combat styles and that trend is not going anywhere. Bottoms become heavier and new colors and materials were introduced at this show. I saw every type of combat boot out there; short combat booties, mid-calf boots, and up to the knee combat boots. The choices will be plentiful.

Most people know that I love man-tailored shoes, and loafers in particular. I found so many loafers this time, and I fell in love with all of the different interpretations. In particular, loafers on strong chunky heels in luxurious suedes and box calf leather.

And we can't forget about sneakers! The sneaker trend is not going anywhere. I saw lots of fun combinations of colors and textures. I know you will love them all!

We will continue incorporating as many styles as we can into our L’idea by Lori brand. We want to build this brand in our stores so we can bring you the most interesting, on trend, fun, fashionable and exclusive collections every season. I love working with factories and designers from Italy, as well as Spain, Turkey and Portugal, to bring these fashions home to you. Working in Milan to make this happen is truly my passion. I continue to love what I do, and it’s you, our loyal customers at Lori’s that drive me every day to bring you amazing shoes!!


  • Eve says...
    On June 15, 2020

    The shoes and boots looks fabulous but with my nil attention span I was focusing on the pizza … omg…looks delish ! Now I will go back and look at the pix more closely 🤦🏼‍♀️😉
    Be well

  • lindsey karl says...
    On March 24, 2020

    I love the orange suede loafer.. When will this shoe be available ?? Can’t wait!!

  • Abby Neumann says...
    On March 24, 2020

    A little birdie told me you’re doing a lot of Cow Print for Fall!

  • Kathy Lipschutz says...
    On March 05, 2020

    Can’t wait! Love the white clunky heel.

  • Karen Selznick says...
    On March 05, 2020

    When will the green loafers be available?
    So, so cute!
    Nice job!

  • VICKI WHITE says...
    On March 05, 2020

    Loving the shoes

  • Karine Gales says...
    On March 05, 2020

    Beautiful beautiful shoes

  • Lisa Howard says...
    On March 05, 2020

    Thanks for taking us behind the scenes, Lori! So cool to hear your take on the trends -Love those styles! Are they available in store now?

  • Octavia says...
    On March 05, 2020

    I’m very excited to see the choices that we will be seeing this yr @Loris !!! To be honest I don’t believe you have any bad taste in your mouth, you and your family are one of my first on the list when I should for shoes! Love Loris form many years I’ve not only made you my got to store for shoes but I can say I’m a Loyal till the end !!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful years!!!! Safe travels 🤩😊

  • carla says...
    On March 05, 2020

    Lori, you always amaze me with your timeless classy and current hip designs. You truly make my feet sing!!!! Love you, xo

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