Lori Andre | May 09, 2024

The Year(s) Ahead

To all our amazing friends and customers,

For several years now, there’s been a new figure in the leadership of Lori’s. He’s our youngest son, Matt.

Matt came to us well qualified on the product side of the business. He received a degree in fashion design and worked in the design and production side of the industry while living in New York and, for a time, in Italy. He has, needless to say, become a full force in our business, involved in every aspect of running and managing it: from buying; to selling on the floor; to marketing; to managing staff. Matt does it all. All in all, he has the attributes of a great retailer- and thank goodness. We’re very happy to look forward to a time when we can leave Lori’s in such capable hands. (Though we’re not going anywhere just yet).

So without further ado, some words about where we’re headed, from Matt

Be well,

Lori and Brian


Don’t worry. Lori, and Lori’s, will be around for many years to come. Although I know one day she will pass the proverbial torch, I can’t picture myself at a shoe show without her. Some may not know, but Lori is an authority figure, a mentor, a creative collaborator, and overall, a revered “shoe dog” in the footwear industry. Oh, and by the way, she’s my mom.  

For well over thirty-five years, she has built a foundation for us to be viable in 2021 and for years of future fashion to come. She has set the tone for leading independent fashion retailers across the country. In the years to come, we will be building off of this strong foundation to always offer you, our customers, not only what you need, but what you covet.

So, what are the most important things to watch during the years to come, you might ask?

One of the foremost is the continuing growth of our online services. Though the pandemic accelerated the growth of our online business, we had already been putting extra focus and energy into its development and we’ll continue to do so. We strive every day to provide you with a frictionless experience between our online and brick-and-mortar stores. Whether shopping in-store or online, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of product knowledge, sound fashion advice, and the attention and support of our incredible staff, all in a fun shopping experience.

Also in the works is continuing to add to the breadth of our selection and adding more exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else. This is where I can leverage my education in fashion design and my experience working in production and design, both in New York, and in factories abroad. We are working more closely with our current European factory partners than ever before and discovering new partners in the process. We are committed to offering products that you won’t find everywhere else. Of course, all of our product development and design is influenced by the latest fashion trends and by input from you, our customers. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are by our selections from our exclusive L’idea by Lori line, as well as from my new line, MA’91, scheduled to debut this Spring.

All in all, in the world of Lori’s fashion, there’s a lot to be excited about. We are so looking forward to having all of you back in our stores again. I genuinely miss the many personal relationships and back and forth I have with customers in the store. In the meantime, continue to check in with us on our site and through social media. Let’s all work together to get through the pandemic so we can get back to having so much fun through fashion at Lori’s.

Stay well,


If you're familiar with our brand Fabio Rusconi, this is my dad and I with Fabio's son, Filippo, at the shoe show in Milan. We work together closely with these small family factories from Italy to bring you only the best. 

Franco Meucci, "the shoe doctor". One of the small family owned factories we work with outside of Florence. Some of our most coveted boots are produced in his factory. Not only do they produce exclusives for Lori's, but they produce shoes for luxury brands throughout the world. 

Here's a technical sketch of an incoming style for the label I created for our stores, MA '91. We work closely with our Italian factory partners to customize these styles to makes sure they are unique. What you see here is one version on an incoming sneaker with specific material and pattern directions for the factory. The devil is in the details.

Here is sneak peak of the MA '91 label you will soon see in all Lori's stores and online.

Where the magic happens... this marks the beginning of the shoes life cycle. Creating the perfect last is a game of millimeters. This is what sets Italy apart in the shoe industry- the artistry of creating the perfect form. 


  • Laura Yastrow says...
    On March 22, 2021

    Way to go Matt and the rest of the family team! I’ve been friends with Amy for years and I love her selections for handbags and clothes!

  • Laura Yastrow says...
    On March 22, 2021

    Heir to the throne! Lucky guy – Lori’s rocks!! Three generations of style and service. Shout out to Lori’s sister Amy, too!! The best!! You’re the reason we come back!

  • Sari says...
    On January 31, 2021

    What incredible team you are! Love your approach to life and business and most importantly, all of you ❤️

  • Suzi K says...
    On January 31, 2021

    Yay Matt. Lori’s legacy of accessible fashion forward shoes, accessories and clothing is well placed in your capable hands. I can’t wait to see where you bring Lori’s in the future. Time for you to soar.

  • Peggy Orloff says...
    On January 28, 2021

    What a wonderful note about Lori’s and Lori and Matt. I loved reading this and what really stuck out was how loving and kind and hardworking you all are. The way you treat all of us as customers and friends and also your relationship with your manufacturers is so heartwarming. I buy all my shoes/boots etc from Lori’s and will continue to do but I may need a bigger closet. Will look forward to seeing you all soon. Fondly Peggy

  • Adrienne Johns says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Sounds like the business is in great hands. Thanks for sharing.

  • Phyllis klapman says...
    On January 28, 2021

    So proud of what you have all accomplished. Can’t wait wait to walk my fav store on Armitsge. Must buy a pair of Matt’s design. Much luv. Phyllis

  • sandy adams says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Matt welcome! I’ve known your mother for a while and she never stops amazing me with her vision, creativity, hard work, and sense of community. Your brother always kept me in the loop with the newest designs were in the store.
    I sense you are cut out of the same cloth. Congratulations on the role you are playing in continuing and building on the legacy of your mother and father’s baby, Loris’ shoes.

    My closet is full of the beautiful shoes I have found at Lori’s.



  • elaine says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Exciting to hear all the potential of the brand evolving with MA! Nice to know someone in the family is as passionate about shoes as Lori & Brian! Its been a dream to accompany Lori on a buying trip…I love shoes too ;-) perhaps its a future chapter when Lori’s hosts small groups to her fav spots in Italy….just a L’idea….

  • Teresa Kerr says...
    On January 28, 2021

    We feel your presence Matt! Thanks for bringing us the best! Keep on having fun w the family!

  • Charlotte Bracamontes says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Lori!! How wonderful for you & your husband to
    Have this big beautiful guy in the family biz!! What a wonderful start to your dynasty. My best wishes & luck for a long healthy happy future. 👣👠👢👡🥿🩴. GO MATT

  • Eliot says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Beyond proud and excited for all happening at Lori’s!! You all rock and are doing incredible 😍

  • Jennifer Bonanzinga says...
    On January 28, 2021

    God I love this story! I always wanted to do what you are doing! Your products are stellar…I won’t say a few don’t fit but thats internet buying…the story of your son is so awesome! He followed you and has the knowledge and the know how! It’s so inspiring! Fashion design! All stellar! You guys present a superior quality and web design…I had a customer come thru my line a week ago with your bag…she told me where to buy it…I live in jupiter florida..and we had at least a 20 year age difference…I ran home and bought the bag…its back ordered…but I will happily wait…you guys have a good vibe…I love that it’s family…im 49 but Familia is Familia…you guys so great! Thanks!

  • Abby Gurevitz says...
    On January 28, 2021

    So happy to read about the new addition. A family business can be very successful. Good luck and look forward to seeing you both. I enjoyed working with Lori when I sold handbags. Stay healthy and happy

  • Abby Gurevitz says...
    On January 28, 2021

    So happy to read about the new addition. A family business can be very successful. Good luck and look forward to seeing you both. I enjoyed working with Lori when I sold handbags. Stay healthy and happy

  • Beth Stern says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Thank you for sharing what your future holds. Exciting to see retail continue as the personal exchanges with your clientele is priceless. It gets lost with the internet as nothing can feel better than seeing, touching and feeling.

    I’m glad to know that the torch will be passed and your business will continue.

    Best of everything!


  • Kerri Herman says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Your family makes me so happy. Excited to support you for years to come!

  • Marquitta says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Awesome 👏🏽

  • Diane Winner says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Great story & beautiful selections
    Much luck !!!

  • Cathy Edwards says...
    On January 28, 2021

    Hello Lori and welcome Matt! I am a faithful Lori-ette 😊 Your collection has struck a chord with me…timeless AND of the moment! I did a quick count and have over 2 dozen pairs of Lori’s in my closet. Well constructed, and comfortable day in and out. What a gift that I look forward to taking advantage of for years to come!! And, while it wasn’t mentioned in this month’s story, the circle wouldn’t be complete without Cory’s incredible dedication to customer service. I could fill an email alone with stories about how she’s made my purchases an “above and beyond” experience. Please share this with her. Meanwhile, one design request…clearly, Lori has a narrow foot and the private label designs reflect that. Please don’t forget about us style-conscious girls with wider feet…still a medium, just proportioned a little different. Thank you, and I look forward to endless seasons of creativity!

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